• You can have synchronous calls between ZKRs and Ethereum L1 — as they confirm in the same block. You can see how this can be interesting for stuff like dAMM!
  • Opens the possibility for upgrading the current Ethereum execution layer to an enshrined rollup. First as an optimistic rollup with statelessness and fraud proofs, eventually as an enshrined zk rollup with zkEVM.
  • With crLists, you could potentially have immediate pre-confirmations for L1 transactions. (No more waiting for blocks to confirm!)
  • So, considering all of the above, you get to showerthink about the various new possibilities that you hadn’t considered before. Here’s one that’s out there: could this open the possibility of cross-rollup atomic composability between multiple ZKRs?! This is certainly possible between multiple chains in the same ZKR network (e.g. StarkNet L3s) — but what about between a StarkNet L3 and a zkSync L2? Could crList pre-confirmations allow ZKRs to chain transactions on top of each other, all confirming within the same block?
  • PBS + crList feels like a natural way to decentralize sequencing for rollups. Just have a lead sequencer, have attesters to force the lead sequencer to include transactions, if the lead sequencer goes offline attester can double up as the lead sequencer. Could be bolstered by having a reserve sequencer track where anyone can participate.
  • There are the MEV implications, which I’ll leave to MEV experts.



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