My last post about rollups & related topics on this blog was on October 8th. I concluded my long-form writings about rollups on October 14th with this meta post: Rollups, data availability layers & modular blockchains: introductory meta post | by Polynya | Oct, 2021 | Medium

During the time of everything I wrote here and Reddit, I had no financial interest in any rollup teams or adjacent. My only related holding was ETH (largely for other reasons than rollups), and I sold my DYDX airdrop a few days after release. There’s zero conflict of interest in 100% of the content in this blog about rollups, DA layers & such.

However, starting November 2021, I’m actively investing in projects directly or adjacently related to rollups, DA layers & settlement layers.

Absolutely nothing changes for me, financial interest has never motivated this blog — but it is important to disclose. My long-form writing about this topic is finished, but I’ll circle back with updates when required.

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